Starting the Day on Offense

The alarm goes off and the day is underway!  The cats have been walking across me for an hour, and the phone has a million messages waiting for me.   I start the day playing defense.   And I rarely get caught up.  The day is defense or a reaction to everyone and everything around me.   


At GAIN X this year, Wade Gilbert discussed starting the day on OFFENSE.


After the conclusion of GAIN X we were asked what we learned and what changes we made in our coaching.  I reflected on the details of the week, and the point that resonated most with me, was making time for me and being able to coach from a position of offense and not defense.  


How does one do that?  How often does the day start before we do, and we spend the day, week, month chasing after the events with little to no control over the events.  

I afterall am guilty.   I have five boys, of the feline persuasion and there are mornings that I am running at a pace I cannot maintain to manage the trouble they have created.  

I am guilty.  I put myself last.   I chase things in the pursuit of making money to pay my bills, instead of making choices that will impact my professional endeavors and those goals I want to achieve.   

I am guilty.  I wake to the alarm on my phone, and immediately check the drama that is occuring in the world.  

As a result, my day is reactionary and not decisionary (my word).  I am not making choices;  I am making responses.  


In this, I realized I have many half-started projects, half-read books, and no focus professionally.  

SO, my focus has been to start my day on OFFENSE.  In order to do this, I have changed ——-  


– I am stepping outside my comfort zone to meet and greet people who are doing what I want to do.  i am asking key questions for direction so I can learn from their path.  

– I have requested a mentor through USA Triathlon’s mentorship program.  It will be nice to be held accountable.

– I am finishing those half-read books.   I have a reading/podcast checklist.  I have booked these as appointments, so I can read, listen amd learn. 

– I am concluding my day with Yoga amd stretching.  I want to learn more about this discipline and it is helping relax so I can sleep. 

– I still sleep with my phone in my room (for safety, as I do not have a land-line), but I put it on DO NOT DISTURB and I do not check the details until after I have eaten. 

-I block time out of the day to read, write, prepare for coaching and do business administration. 


And through this……. I feel better, more confident, more capable of handling all the curve balls tossed my way.  





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