Resolutions on a Rolling Start?


It’s that time of year again……

The gyms will be packed, the pools will have no lanes, and suddenly everyone is out on running track.   

And then, by March….. all those, well, the majority of those will ghost.   

This is the season the personal trainers become sharks and predators (as if they werent already), and I see it occassionally with coaches I know.  I too have fallen guilty of pressuring someone based on emotionally driven New Years Resolutions. 

But we know it doesnt work.   The end result clearly demonstrates the insanity does not work.  And I was listening to a podcast recently, if we were riding, and in episode 6, they discussed this very issue.  We know it doesn’t work, because the people who train regularly make alternative arrangements for the months of January and February, or rearrange their scheduled to ensure a quiet time in the gym, pool or on the roads.  And those who have committed for a moment tend to become frustrated, intimidated, overhwelmed, bored or distracted and quit.  We know it doesn’t work, because those gyms that were insanely crowded the first week of January are empty in March.  

The ‘tongue and cheek’ solution was to give everyone a different start date, 

so the gyms would not be totally insane on 1January.  

Despite the humor, the reality is many people start and don’t finish. They give up.  For whatever the reason, the want or desire to achieve is NOT greater than the hurdles that come at them.   I keep learning life can be dirty, messy and definitely unpredictable.  BUT, I am here, committed to this ride.   I have to learn how to deal with the challenges that come my way.  I have to be able to look myself in the morning, and live with the choices I have made. 



On my personal blog, I talked about BHAG.  (BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL).  The goal that stays with you, regardless of when you first considered it.  The one that marinates in the back of your thoughts.  The one that keeps showing up.  The goal that drives you. It is prominent on your bucket list!  

Perhaps, as coaches we need to teach the value of just showing up.  The value of doing little things every day to chip away at that elephant.   To keep pressing forward.  Afterall, the individual who runs marathons did not decide to run a marathon yesterday, for the race tomorrow.   It was a goal that needed to be worked on daily.  From nutrition, to strength, to rest and recovery, to the run, these things needed to be cultivated.  They did not just happen.  


As we are preparing for 2019, it is normal to reflect.  I look at where I have been, what ground I have covered, and the detours taken.  I evaluate backtracking and whether different paths or ideas should be sought, or if I should stay the course.   I look at my daily activities and whether or not these things are supporting my goals and objectives.  If they are not, how do I change them?  Or what do I need to change or revise? And I check in monthly.   Later,  I use my birthday as a big check in and perhaps reset.   With the date in August, some may view it to late in the year to change course.  Since I am self-evaluating monthly, I use it as a new start, so to speak.  Another day to reflect on where I have been, where I want to go, and how I am getting there.  


So, my question to you is:   

What is your BHAG? 

How can I help you achieve it? 




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