Coaching & Services Provided

Coaching for you. About you. Based on your goals, objectives and needs. I am here to be part of your team, to serve you.   Whether for your first triathlon or your next road race, I can help you.  
My Coaching Philosophy is:

-There is simplicity in the programming.

-Programming surrounds you the unique individual.

-Coaching is more than a training plan.

-Each training session has a specific purpose.

-Fundamentals First. I believe in FUN.

-Anything is possible.

-There is no busy work. (Quality over Quantity).

THE OBJECTIVE: is to take the guess-work out of the programming and training for you. You are an individual, and your training and program should reflect that.

Coaching Options:
-Satellite Coaching — for the independent or distance athlete.
3month minimum.
-Blended Coaching — needs some ‘hands-on guidance’.  We meet weekly for an hour to work on specific skills. 3month minimum
-Women’s Tri Team:  Join the Pink Otters

-Private and Semi-Private Open-water and ‘Pool’ Swim Coaching:

OWS swim at 288Lake.   Participant is responsible for entry fees to the facility.
 – 45 or 60minute Private coaching
-45 or 60minute Buddy or Small Group Coaching
-Program Consultation:
While there are many cookie-cutter programs available, I recognize that not all programs are created equally, or serve the individual. A one time consultation (up to 90 minutes) to discuss and evaluate your goals and objectives and the program you are following.
-Strength and Athletic Development: Private, Semi-private or Small Group.  Prepare for your sport, through a variety of protocols, including strength, speed and agility, and flexibility. 60 minute sessions.
Nutrition Coaching: 
 Let’s talk about food:  There are many hurdles to overcome while training without eating, let alone with eating.  And the so-called experts cannot seem to agree either.  So where do you begin?   What or how do you eat, to improve, to recover, and perhaps to lose weight?   While this is not a diet program, I can help you create a more balanced relationship with yourself and food, as you chase down your goals.   Private, semi-private and small group coaching sessions available.