Are you meal planning?


This meme recently showed up in one of my social media feeds, and while some what humorous, it is a telling state of some of our pursuit of health.  It seems regardless of our current state of wellness, we are jumping from one diet strategy to another.  And that in itself presents a number of problems.

The problem is not food, nor is it the random take-out we may splurge on.   The problem lies in the pursuit of diets, dieting, and in turn our relationship with food and ourselves or the psychology of dieting, of which I cannot profess to be an expert or qualified, except for the fact that I too have chased diets in the quest of changing my external appearance.  I have recently shared about my Sit On My Butt Disease.   And the fact that I have the ability to change the path I am on.  I don’t need to pursue yet another diet, but need to change my habits!

(When I began studying PN Nutrition, part of it was solely to improve my comprehension of Nutrition to be able to have an intelligent conversation with those I coach.  And honestly, I flew through the studies, to FINISH.   And now, I am taking the time to regroup and rested, so that I can apply those skills and continue my learning process.)  And so, I digress……….

The reality is so many of us are chasing the next best diet, even if we disagreed with the premise when it presented as the next best under a different title, released by a different doctor, endorsed by different celebrity.  There has to be a way off the merry-go-round.

My friend, Kerry Walsh, has coined the phrase ‘Diet Terminator.’ She is helping many women and teens, realize that diets and chasing diets are creating the need to chase another diet.

Which brings us back to Meal Planning.

Are you taking the time to plan?  I have learned that if I do not plan, or at least prepare the food, it will go bad sitting in my fridge waiting to be touched.  When I am hungry, if something is not cut, pealed or ready, I won’t eat it.

I use Bento Boxes, Mason Jars and Pyrex dishes.  I like all of these for different reasons.   I especially love that my Bento Boxes came with stickers!   I can send myself notes!

Are you shopping in your fridge and cabinets? When we truly take the time to plan, it saves us money.  By knowing what you have in the house, you can plan meals around that and not buy duplicates, or triplicates.  You create a list for shopping, as you use product.  In the long run, it saves time and money.

And it helps create organization.   Because you know what is in the fridge and cabinets, you keep these organized to find, to use and to replace.

And the last big thing I have learned as I am down-sizing my stuff and reducing the number of things I have in my house, I am buying only what I need.  Frivolities or nice-to-haves have changed.  And as a result, there is less clutter around, and interestingly enough my body composition is dropping as well.  Might be my attitude to things as well.

We may laugh at the humor of stashing money in a container for food planning, but we need to recognize that meal planning may help create habits that influence our overall health and well being.


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