Success Stories

‘Kids’ Tri:

  • Vivian wants you to know she DOMINATED transitions today 🙂 She really was a force! — a note from Vivian L, Houston TX after Houston Kids Triathlon

 Thank you for coaching. You truly have a gift in working with kids and motivating them. Sarai is super excited about the triathlon next week!! –Tien, Houston, TX

image1‘Thank you very much for ensuring the kids were well-prepared for the triathlon. The weeks of training leading up to the main event was such a positive experience for my son Matthew M, that he was already talking about joining the 2017 kids triathlon, weeks before the 2016 triathlon even happened.’ Mia, Matthew’s mom, Houston, TX

When I started with Otter Tri Team and Coach Meg, I was an ambitious child that did not fully understand triathlons.  I was a year around competitive swimmer, and I had a couple of triathlons under my belt.  After competing, I fell in love with the sport because it included my three favorite things, running, swimming and biking.  
I joined another triathlon team, but after about six months I felt like if I was going to reach my very high triathlon goals, I would need to have more intense training.  My mom remembered meeting Coach Meg at a private swim lesson, and she gave her a call.  At first training with Coach Meg was different than the training I was used to.  
Two months have gone by now, and I am getting used to her style of teaching. Because I was a competitive swimmer, my swimming is my strength.  I really needed help with my biking and running.  I have enjoyed getting to know Coach Meg, she is very funny, and easy to talk to.  Our practice sessions are fun, but challenging.  I have learned how to control my bike better, and how to run correctly.  Coach Meg has improved my “triathlon” swimming technique, and my confidence.  I was worried that I would not be able to compete at the level of my ambition, but Coach Meg assures me that if I put in the work I can succeed.  I appreciate Coach Meg’s encouragement at races (I ran my first 10k!), and her positive attitude.  (“If Coach Meg is not worried, then you don’t have to be either.”)  
I look forward to my first triathlon of the season with Coach Meg by my side, and I know that she will help me do my best.  In the future, I hope to compete in the 2020 USAT Youth and Junior Nationals at the Youth Elite level.  I am motivated, and will continue to work hard with Coach Meg’s help.  
Thank you for welcoming me to the Otter Tri Team.
~Paige J, Houston, Tx

TriCoaching and Swim:

  • Tom H, Onset, MA says: “Coach Meg is my Triathlon and Swim Coach. I am 46 years old and and I was three months away from my first sprint triathlon, I was looking for a swim coach because I did not know how to swim, a doggy paddle was a challenge. She worked with me 2-3 days per week and she gave me the instruction and knowledge I needed. She has given me a excellent base to build on as a swimmer. She also taught a Triathlon class at our YMCA, the knowledge she shared and the training was very helpful preparing for the race. I was able to complete the Triathlon, and as the race director said one of the most difficult swims they have seen over past 5 years and that would not have happened without her instruction. I would recommend her both as a swim and triathlon coach
‘Just wanted to update you on how both of our tris went! Deanna’s was very successful and she placed 3rd in her age group and got an awesome plaque! Her swim overall went very well all considering. She’s never done an open water swim before let alone with a bunch of people! The lesson’s certainly helped her a lot to be calm. Considering it was her first tri and we didn’t buy tri specific transition apparel her transitions were also great and she biked well and of course had one of the fastest runs.
For my tri, my swim went great. It was easily my best one. I even swam fastest in my age group and hardly swallowed any water! I didn’t wear a watch for the whole tri and just went out and raced the best I could. Ended up 9th overall, 1st in my age group, and had fastest run on the day.’  — A note from Andrew E, Houston, TX.

So my journey has begun, I am adventuring towards a Spa Triathlon. I am an “ok” swimmer, enjoy bike riding and can walk faster than I can run. I have considered that I may not be able to finish what I started, but I am in it to finish. Meg is teaching me to focus on one leg of the race at a time, not to think of all three at the same time. I started truly training at the beginning of July and can already tell a difference in my performance. I still have a long way to go but I now feel like I could finish the race. –Mary T, Pearland, Tx.

 ‘Coach took me to my first 70.3 last year. I cannot recommend her enough! ❤️ 
And I dropped 23 minutes off of my half-marathon time in the process.’ — Kelly C, Houston, TX
 Indoor Cycling: 
Thanks for the great class!  It keeps me away from Whataburger at lunch!’ – Ron, Houston, TX.
MaryMeg is one of those people who have a natural eye for good form and technique. I had run for over 35 years and never sought coaching advice and was training for the Boston Marathon. I approached Meg at the gym and asked her if she would help me out to run my best time. After a few sessions I knew it was a good decision, Meg was able to watch my form and right away see where my weakness was and formulated specific drills to help me focus on improving my technique for the most efficient form. I know I would have set a PR in Boston that year if it wasn’t for the temperature reaching 89 degrees I was still able to finish strong only a few minutes off my goal where others were a half hour or more off their goal time because of the heat! I keep many of the tips Meg shared with me and still implement them. It’s very helpful to have a coach that has first hand experience in the sport and truly understands the psyche of the athlete! — Mary F, Sandwich, MA



  • My children, ages 6 and 4, just finished their third year of summer lessons with Miss Meg. Since we live at the beach, water and beach safety and learning to swim in the ocean is essential, and Meg came to the beach to provide weekly private lessons. She engages the children in an age appropriate manner that gives them a healthy respect for the water, while building their comfort and confidence in it. She provides mechanical instruction using age appropriate tools, songs and analogies that the children can understand and practice on their own or with us. The kids love Meg and are very proud of their swimming skills. My children were so excited this year on vacation to be able to jump into a pool and swim, with the older kids! –Michele, Hyannis, MA
  • ‘You are the bestest swim coach ever!’ — Giulia, age 6, Houston, TX
  • As parents of a strong willed child, we struggle to find an an instructor who maintains clear boundaries without being overbearing. From class one, Meg let our son shine and by class 3 had him doing challenging strokes and laps in the pool that we never dreamed he would do. Most importantly he comes out of the water buoyant and with a passion for swimming that other instructors were drilling out of him. Her work with him boosts his confidence and brings great joy and reward to our family. The time with her is a treasure and gives us all a reset we need in our week. — Katie, Houston, TX 


Strength&Athletic Development:

Training with Coach Meg has not only helped with my stability, but with the strength and endurance. The difference has been very noticeable and has helped me get where I am today.” — Sydney T.
Sydney graduated from Penn this spring after leaving her mark on softball there. During her tenure, she also represented the USA at the Maccabbi games and participated in the NCAAs after Penn won Ivy’s.


-Coach Meg worked with my team and I noticed a difference in their strength, balance and endurance. She is very creative with her workouts and is able to work sport-specific movements for our game. My student athletes continue to use her drills and I have noticed a change in their core through her consultation. Coach Meg is very passionate about helping athletes pursue their dreams in getting to that next level. — Bridgette Quimpo, Head Women’s Softball Coach, NJCU