What is your Motivation?


This morning’s calendar tear-away.   I have been training and going and recently hit the stop button.   I dont want to go, I dont feel the fire burning inside to tackle my goals.  And yet, I want to accomplish them.  


And today, I took a moment to evaluate what motivates me.  This is in hope of inspiring you. 


1. Determine your goal.  What is it I want to do? I have signed up for three running races, and one swim event.  And I will probably add another run or two before the year is up.  Why?  I am conquering the goal of marathon.   Lofty, yes. And definitely accomplishable. 

Know what you want to do, and the rest should fall into place.  

2. Come up with a plan.  Developing a plan —perhaps with direction of a coach, can ensure you are on your way to achieving the goal.   Fear can be paralysing.  As can the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to begin.  

A plan helps direct you in your way. 

3. Take Action.  This is sometimes the most challenging for me.  I orchestrate and direct, and when it comes to my own training…. my get up and go, got up and left.   At times, this is a sign that I am doing too much.   I might be embarrassed at what others might think of my struggles —after all, I am a coach and I should have it all together.  And at times, EXCUSES get in the way.   

Small steps pave the path to the accomplishment. 

Ultimately, the process is completely up to me.   In a years time, do I want to be where I am now?  Or do I want to reflect back on the journey and say, wow!  That was amazing. 


The motivation needs to come from me.  


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