Strength —-its individual

I belong to several on-line tri training forums or groups.  Sometimes the groups offer support, share about races, provide virtual high-fives.   Inevitably,  the questions surround strength training routines.  What do you do?  What do you recommend?  And the page flurries with recommendations from various videos to weight training systems.   

And you know what, 

 I am SHOCKED!!! 


I shouldn’t be, but I always walk away from these conversations shaking my head. 



Regardless of the arena, it seems we throw caution to the wind and desire a one-size-fits-all solution to developing strength.   For individuals who are so specific on eating, on resting and all other aspects of training, we sacrifice our underlying training.   


Why is that? Seriously, why do we do that? 

First off, like fueling for training and competition, ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!   One size does not fit most, actually.  

Programming for strength is as individal as a bike fit.   


Secondly, we like to make it way too complicated.   Simplicity does not mean mindlessness.  It simply means you dont have to run through the woods, around the barn and back through the woods to accomplish the goal.  The programming is designed around you, your goals and your needs. It’s all about YOU


Strength can be incorporated in your daily warm-up routine.   For example mini-band walks, and foot-tap/hip-lock drill before headinf out to run or bike, or medicine ball work before jumping in the pool.   Active movement designed to aid your performance, to prevent injury, to keep you stronger.   Strength can also be a specific training session, building off the previous one, encompassing (again) your goals, your needs, your training, and the time available.   Again, all about you! 

I am not certain why we settle for less, assuming these ready-to-use programs will get us where we need to be.   I am not certain why we don’t invest the time (and/or money) into meeting with someone who can assist you.   Take the time to invest in the strength aspect of your programming.  One size does not fit all.  You are an unique individual.  Your training should reflect that.  


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