Coaches Education — A Day With Team MPI

Yesterday, I had the privelege of spending the day with Team MPI as part of their Coaches Retreat.   The retreat was for their coaches designed for continuing education, networking and FUN!   And while I was the only represetnative of an outside coaching family, I was welcomed with open arms.  It was pretty cool to listen to other coaching perspectives, amd realize that regardless of where we are, we all have the same hurdles to clear.   I am grateful for the opportunity to learn, and share.

Presentations included discussions on bike fit, creating blocks of training to meet your athletes needs, metabolic testing (and we conducted a VO2 max test), swim coaching and stroke development, strength training, gadgets for measurement and running,  and some of the psychology of dealing with athletes.   Some was affirmation of my philosophies as a coach, others provided some clarity, and still others showed me I still have a lot to learn.   As I continue to strive to provide you with the best coaching.


The welcome:  I was embraced.   We were all coaches with a common  goal.  Learning and sharing to be better for our athletes.  This is a true testament to the coaching organization they are.

Metabolic testing:  Resting and then a VO2 Max.  (I love the Hannibal look).

I learned about another coaching platform, besides Training Peaks. I am still happy with Addaero, but am open to opportunities. I also learned more about some of the Garmin features, when you are sending me your training notes. I also discovered another watch Suunto, that provides similar stats to the Garmin.

Bike Fit: Some of the math involved. GEOMETRY! Yes, I loved Math and Science in school. Although, I struggled with it at times. Cycling and bike fit is about solving geometric problems. Pretty cool if you ask me! And I am investigating Bike Fit Education, so I can better serve you.

Building a Network: a team of professionals that you can reach out to, from sports medicine to massage to nutrition. I am building relationships for you in Houston.

And Running Gadgets: Using a métronome to develop a faster tempo.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and look forward to more opportunities like these to learn.


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