Goals, goals, goals, goals!

Sitting in my living room, watching a movie while reading a blogpost from Nick Symmonds, founder of RunGum, I was compelled to think of all the goals and dreams and aspirations I had for 2017.   And while many did not happen, I could not have dreamt of where I am now.   And then, looking ahead to 2018 and my dreams and goals for the year that is beginning to unfold.   

My goals for 2018 include some lofty athletic endeavors:

— swim 26.2(cumulative) before Patriot’s Day (boston marathon day); 

— #BQat50 (I am training for Jack and Jill Downhill Marathon in July).  

— And enjoy the JOURNEY.   The process.   


After all, to train for and complete a marathon takes a great deal of commitment and dedication.   And a focus to detail.   

I have endured the frigid temperatures of Houston this week, and trained inside biking and treadmilling so I can run outside today.   

It is certainly about the Journey!  


Professionally, I aspire to remain committed to you and sharing in your adventures along the way.  

What are YOUR GOALS?   And how do you expect to achieve these? 

How can I help you SUCCEED


Things to Be on the Lookout for:  

— womens tri group and swim.   

— kids swim group

—OTTERS spring registration 

— Race Schedules 


I look forward to seeing you at the finish line! 


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