What’s for Breakfast



What’s for breakfast!?!

As I am posting this! i know some are saying Breakfast….. nah, we fast!

Others are looking at the contents thinking…… where is the protein? 

And others are critiquing the fruit.


Me:  well, I enjoyed steel-cut oats, slivered almonds, strawberries and blueberries.  Every. Single. Bite.


The point is….. i firmly believe that we should eat when we are hungry, and not when we aren’t.

Telling me I can’t have something, like grains, makes grains the thing I crave!

And if I dont want to eat it, I shouldnt buy it or bring it into the house. 


Simplicity.  It helps me best.  I do calculate my macros from time to time, but I understand there are times when I need more carbohydrates, and times i need more protein. 

One might say it is about balance.  I think it more like managing the insanity.   But maybe, thats balance.  


What did you have for breakfast? 








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