Adopting a New Attitude

Yesterday, I worked the Chevron Houston Marathon.  This morning, I am seizing the opportunity to warm-up, and enjoy some down time.  I work at the Finish Line with the Medical Team, and it is can be quite exhilarating and cold.   The Finish Line is shaded by trees and buildings, and if Houston brings wind to the party, I hope you are wearing something warm.   Yesterday, it warmed up to 50 by day’s end.   We were cold, and warm, and cold.   But it is an experience I would not trade.  



I am sometimes asked how I get to do such cool things, or told that I am an inspiration to others, and how I am fearless. 

I am usually humbled to hear the words, and sometimes I scratch my head.  At times, I view what I am doing as a need to do.   I want to make changes, so I need to shake out the carpet, or pick myself up by the bootstraps and get moving.  Other times, it is fulfilling an obligation.  I need to demonstrate that I am giving back to the community in my role as USA Triathlon Coach, and so, I volunteer at races.  And other times, these have provided amazing networking opportunities.  I meet some pretty cool people.  

Trust me, I can be as stuck in the mud as the next person, the difference is not that I am not afraid, but I have adopted the attitude that I cannot fail.   I may just be redirected.  


In adopting the attitude that I cannot fail, I have realistically looked at the situation.   If I do not apply for the job, ask if I can participate, move forward, I have chosen to shut the door.  The answer is a resounding NO!  And I did that.  There is no one to blame but me.

If I move forward, the worst that could be said is NO.  So what does it hurt to take a risk, if I want to generate movement or something new in my world.   Doing nothing is an automatic no.  

-If I move forward, and they do say no, I may be redirected to something else.  And doors may open.

-If I move forward, they may say yes.  And doors may open.

-And yes, if I move forward, they may say NO, and doors are slammed.  It is sometimes not a good feeling initially, but I continue moving forward.   

When I was involved in Mary Kay, one of the directors said, NO may not always mean no all the time.  It may be a NO for right now.   And in that, I choose to walk through open doors.  That is unless God slams them shut, or something is screaming DANGER on the other side.  You can always learn from the experience, even if it is, This is NOT right for me!  But doors that close, rarely open again.  


As we are tackling our BHAGs (BIG, Hairy, Audacious Goals) this year, I am going to encourage you to seize opportunities as they arise.   What races do you want to tackle?  What challenge intimidates you? What doors are open that you can walk through?   What scares you?  

Remember, I am hear to guide and help you.  





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