Programming…. it’s OK to overshare

Sometimes, devloping a program can be one of the most challenging things I have to do as a coach.   There are so many nuances to the art of buidling a program suitable for the athlete.   And yes, at times I have borrowed ideas for sets, reps, intensities, movements, and executions from other coaches, because I like the way it presented.   But the art of coaching is like a dance…… sometimes leading, simetimes led…… with everything moving toward the goals established.  


I was thinking about this this morning, as I was programming for the upcoming week(s), on how critical communication between the athlete and coach is.  We have many cool platforms and tools at our disposal yo write, read, send receive programming and feedback, but it is still the dynamic of the relationship of athlete to coach that determines the efficacy of the program.  

It is really challenging for me, to coach someone that I do not receive feedback from.  Even weekly, a check-in is valuable.  The check-in is more than stats, and numbers.  It is an opportunity for you, the athlete, to tell me, your coach, what’s up?  Are you, ill, or tired?  What changes or stressors are in your life right now?   All of these influence the ability to execute a program that should be brining you to a ready position to compete and perform.   Despite popular belief, coaches are not mind-readers.   While we can guess a lot, without communication, you are allowing us to program blindly, without a compass.   

Personally, I have the need for control.   I want the people who are giving me advice and direction in my training and performance to know as much about me, about how I performed in the last training session, and what else is going on in my world.  I want these individuals to be empowered to ask, knowing they will get a response.   I want to overshare.   I want the positive dynamic of a relationship, knowing that the information I am sharing will be heard and used to develop a solid plan.   


As your coach, it is OK to overshare.  Text, email, phone.  Be certain to keep me in the loop.  


Have you talked to your coach today? 


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