MSJ Athletics & MSJ 4 Her

‘I feel that training with Coach Meg has not only helped with my stability, but with my strength and endurance. The difference is very noticeable and has been very helpful in getting me to where I am today.’ –Sydney, WWindsor/Penn softball

  • The vision of MSJ Athletics and later MSJ 4 Her was conceived as Coach Meg was pursuing a degree in sport injury management.
  • After observing many cookie cutter and one-size-fits-all programming, Meg was determined to provide the indvidualilty to the program. In her quest for this, she met many people who influenced her and is now part of the GAIN network.
  • Training, preparation for sport and rehab should be dynamic, and not just a sets and reps. It should be about movement. It should be a method of training and preparation for sport, and return to play post-injury, that would evaluate the athlete’s baseline of movement, strength and skill to develop and create programming to improve overall performance, as the athlete is only as good as the weakest link. Athletes are playing and competing more at an early age. The influx of sport-specific programs has created more opportunity to train……….and yet, injuries are in the rise. Are we training more or training smarter? Are the programs designed to improve performance or create fatigue?
  • The purpose of MSJ Athletics and MSJ 4 Her is to train smarter.
  • We borrowed the philosophy: Get Strong, Get Fast, Get Fit, Get Specific, and Compete! In that order….. From Jimmy Radcliffe, the Oregon strength coach.
  • Athletes perform a Physical Competency Assessment, which looks at movement, and movement patterns which demonstrate proficiencies and deficiencies. This information is used to create activities that can be included in warm-ups and warm-down or part of a training session to develop competencies that have been neglected or overlooked or may need to be redeveloped after an injury. This is NOT a cookie cutter screen that is looking for deviations or disfunctions. Instead it shows a baseline of abilities and where the athletes strengths and weaknesses lie, to create programming for the individual to create excellence in movement.
  • There is simplicity in the programming.
  • Each training session has a specific purpose.
  • There is no busy work.
I’m a collegiate pitcher who worked his tail off this past off-season to get myself into pitching shape for the spring. Unfortunately, during this process, I began to feel a chronic pain in my lower back and hips. My knees began to hurt as well, and at such a young age, I didn’t know the cause of these injuries, or how to overcome them. Then I met Coach Meg. She was completely open to answering any questions I had, and did it with a smile on her face. She evaluated my movement patterns, and revealed to me that my hips and hamstrings were very tight, and the three plus miles I was running daily were probably a little too much for a relief pitcher. I cut down on the running and began to practice the “hip-opening” stretches she showed me, and just weeks later, my pain was non-existent. Coach Meg and I remain in touch and I can’t thank her enough. She truly cares about the people she works with.”

–Matthew Delbert, reliever, NJCU baseball

‘Coach Meg worked with my team and I noticed a difference in their strength, balance, and endurance. She is very creative with her workouts and is able to work sport-specific movements for our game. My student-athletes continue to use her drills and I have noticed a change in their core through her consultation. Coach Meg is very passionate at helping athletes pursue their dreams in getting to that next level.’ –Bridgette Quimpo, Head Softball Coach, New Jersey City University

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