Meet Coach Meg

Meg Stolt Johannessen, or Coach Meg as she is called by her athletes is coach and an athlete. Meg competes in and trains for various road races, lifeguard competitions, open water swims and triathlons throughout the year. The athlete and the coach, has faced various obstacles in her training, which have taught Meg a great deal about training, competing and performance. The most significant training battle was the return to the playing field after her cycling accident. Through this, Meg has learned to celebrate life and all the little moments that create it. She brings this to her coaching style in her attitude and approach. The little steps along the way create the journey. These steps can be tracked, and used to demonstrate improvement along the path to excellence.

Coach Meg also serves Sturgis Charter School East as the Field Hockey Coach.

‘Last season, I had to get my sticks out of storage; and it was worth it. I have an excellent group of girls who love the game, love the camaraderie and the team. The unspoken goal is to qualify for states in the coming seasons. I believe these girls can do it. They have the drive and skill to do so. I think I am learning more from them about coaching and life, than they could possibly learn about hockey from me.’

MSJ 4 Her, the daughter company, was conceived to create opportunity for females to learn to be fit and strong in sport. Through her current coaching opportunities, Coach Meg uses her knowledge and skills to assist these athletes achieve excellence through sport. Her passion is females in performance. It is her goal, to use the assets of this company to influence our youth to compete in a intelligent fashion. We are in an era where physical education and play has been or is being removed from the institutions, and the focus is competition. More children are competing in sports than ever before. Unfortunately, many are not prepared for the sports for which they play. These do not have the underlying strengths from which a training foundation can be formed. As a result, injuries are on the rise. It is the intent of MSJ 4 Her to create opportunities for females to learn to train and build that foundation to compete.

As a strength coach focusing on Athletic Development , Coach Meg has had the opportunity to work with athletes from a variety of sports. These include: softball, baseball, soccer, american football, rugby and basketball.

Meg coaches endurance athletes in athletic development as well as programming for events. These endurance athletes include runners, open-water and Master’s swimmers, and triathletes. Meg has also consulted with lifeguard programs in preparation for local and national competition.

She also serves a consultant for various open water events to ensure swimmer safety, and as an ocean and pool lifeguard.

Coach Meg is part of the GAIN Network and is a member of the United States Lifesaving Association, American Swim Coaches Association, and the National Field Hockey Coaches Association. Meg is certified by National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Track and Field, as a Spinning (Indoor Cycling) Instructor, USA Swimming and is also a certified open water lifeguard. She has a BA in physical education and a MS in Sport Injury Management. Meg is currently pursuing coaching certification through USA triathlon, USA cycling, and USA Weightlifting.

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