Endurance & Multi-Sport

My passion is running….. With a little swimming, kayaking, and cycling thrown in. I hope to share my passion with you. Whether it is through the sport of triathlon or running a 5k, I will help you achieve your goals.

I know I have struggled at various times to figure the training out to successfully complete the upcoming events and races. Concerns like strength, laying the foundation, building to the race, tapering, or even learning a new skill set, like swimming in open water are addressed through coaching.

My OBJECTIVE: is to take the guess-work out of the programming and training for you. Whether the goal is to run a faster 5K or improving on swim technique in open-water, I can assist you. I have worked with athletes of all levels and abilities accomplish their goals…… From a brand new runner to a BQ qualifier, my goal is to teach each about training. We discuss shoes, eating, strength, transitions, appropriate hydration, race-day, attire, travel……. Everything and Anything that will make you comfortable and able to accomplish your goals.

I serve distance and local clients, indviduals and groups. I am not only a coach, I am a competitor.

In reading The Great Swim, by Gavin Mortimer, I have a grander appreciation for those who tackle their race toward and achieve their goals, in spite of various obstacles. I also congratulate and respect the accomplishment of Diana Nyad in her swim to Key West from Cuba, without a shark tank.

Running has never come easy for me. I started when I turned 40 and a 10 minute/mile pace always seemed faster than I could manage for more than a trip down the driveway. My only marathon was run at a 9:54 pace and that felt very difficult. After surgery on both legs and several months of struggling to find my running stride, I started working with Meg. Immediately, the workouts made sense. They seemed to fit for the direction I was headed. Two months into our partnership, Meg has me running faster than ever before. I ran a 10k time trial this past weekend and run below 9 minute/mile pace. When I first started running, my speedwork was done at 8:30 pace and seemed hard to attain at times. Meg has me running faster every week, it seems. My goal for marathon #2 seems to be within reach thanks to Meg’s coaching style. She is very knowledgeable and helps me mentally, as well as physically. She teaches me something every time we talk. I have more confidence and a lot more strength. Meg has changed my running. Meg has made me a better runner.’ –Glenn, OK. *glenn is now working with runners in his home town of Enid. Please stop by and give him a shout if you are in town.*

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