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The Puke Factor

Today, a participant in my indoor cycling class said to me……. Great class, I always know it is great when I almost feel like I need to throw up……….. SAY, WHAT?!? It is never my goal or objective in training … Continue reading

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Making changes for you

As I am making changes within the infrastructure of my business and the services I provide to you, I have been reaching out to professionals I trust. These are my go-to people who can assist me in being a better … Continue reading

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The swimming pool

I took this caption from a recent article in an open-water swimming magazine. The community of swimmers and non- swimmers for that matter forgets that there many other factors involved with swimming in open water than just swimming. This is … Continue reading

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My experience on a RealRyder

RealRyder is a company that is taking indoor cycling by a storm…… Well, maybe. I say maybe, since there is only a spattering of facilities that use these bikes in the Boston area and one on Nantucket.     Yesterday … Continue reading

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Can I run that….. Dare I say……. FAST?!?

  Have you ever taken a moment to watch children run and play and jump and hop and skip and run? There are no rules. They run as hard and fast as they can, for as long as they can … Continue reading

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Swim For Buzzards Bay –2013

Last year, as some of you know, I anticipated swimming in the Buzzards Bay Swim– an event to raise money for the the Buzzards Bay Coalition. Last year, I woke not feeling up to the swim….. And went to pick … Continue reading

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As our world becomes more and more technology driven, athletes are able to get instant results on performance. Whether it is GPS, photography, computer movement analysis, various applications for video, stats and computer generated predictions, athletes and coaches have a … Continue reading

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Crazy little things I see in cycling class…… Indoor cycling madness

I have been teaching a lot of spin classes lately. I am amazed daily to witness how people ride, some of these instructors. They somehow manage to do things on a bike, that is not humanly possible, well…..actually, not intelligently … Continue reading

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Training without fancy toys

My field hockey team really has little equipment. We have balls and sticks. We practice on a baseball field, currently without a goal. And yet…..every day, 28 girls arrive to practice. We have no cones, oh wait…. We have pinnies. … Continue reading

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Testing….. why???

Testing is training and training is testing. This is my firm belief. ┬áThere is a purpose in the testing and there is a purpose in the training and the two are interconnected and an integral part of any training protocol. … Continue reading

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