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Snow Stepping

My tear-away calendar this morning discussed snow stepping, as stepping in another’s foot prints to keep shoes and feet when trudging in the snow, as opposed to someone walking with boots. It reminded me of the drills I learned and … Continue reading

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Watches, Monitors and Gadgets

Data, Data Everywhere!!! As technology improves, we are provided with more and more information to use as athletes, and as coaches.   The problem with data is when we pursue the data, instead of using it as a tool to … Continue reading

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The Five Corner Stones of Triathlon Preparation.

On Wednesday night, I was able to attend a presentation by Jesse Kropelnicki of QT2 Systems. The presentation was: The Five Corner Stones of Triathlon Preparation: Training, Restoration and Nutrition, Race-Fueling, Race Pacing, and Mental Fitness.   It was interesting … Continue reading

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Practice Perfect Quote

The enemies of practice are pride and fear and self-satisfaction. To practice requires humility. It forces us to admit that we don't know everything. It forces us to submit to feedback from people who can teach us. But surely practice … Continue reading

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