Practice Perfect

The book Perfect Practice discusses the mindset of practice. 'Practice without intentionality and you will perform without intentionality'. The author, Doug Lemov, provides forty-two rules to create that perfect practice.
With the current trends of mindless and cookie-cutter training, I want to make a difference in the training of my athletes. I want to create opportunities for these individuals to excell through well-designed and thoughtful programming.
One critical goal of practice is to ensure the practice encodes success. The book discusses how to create those opportunities to achieve success.
This book looks not only at the athletic realm, but also in business creating opportunities to practice outcome for communication, teaching, leadership and selling. I reflected on all of these as I read the book, and am challenged to set forth goals and have predicted outcome for each of my athletes in practice.
I think of John Wooden and the intent he had in each practice. I expect to learn from his example and continue to develop my skills as a coach.


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