Cookie Cutter Programming

It astounds me…… While it shouldn't…… How many athletes with an intelligent thought process allow themselves to succumb to a mindless training protocol. A woman in a spin class wants to go hard all the time, to have someone kick her butt, because she is more interested in calories burned and not improving her overall training. Athletes run to video programming, various military-style training, fitness gurus to gain all those latest fitness buzz words……. And many of those coaches sought out provide programming that is one-size-fits-all. Every program is identical. There is no creativity, no flair, no personality, no problem solving…….. If you ask me……BORING!!! For the athlete and the coach.

It amazes me that athletes who are SO serious about training, choose to accept trends and cookie cutter programming for themselves. They are essentially leaving the foundations to chance.


I refuse to accept that for myself and my athletes. It does take more time to plan. It is easier to create a single program and be finished. Part of the excitement for me is solving the problem. The athletes has deficiencies in single-leg strength– how do I program to enhance that so the athlete can meet the demands of the sport? Granted, not all problems are that simple. But it creates a challenge and some excitement to create the program.

While some programs will have similarities because of me the programmer– each program is written for the individual. The athlete. The person who has set out to achieve a specific goal.

Each program is individual and unique.

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