The Speed of Trust

I have been audio-'reading' the book, The Speed of Trust, by Steven Covey. This book while designed for the business world, has some valuable insights into developing trust in relationships. I have been learning and utilizing tools to develop trust between my swimmers and myself, and the trust of ourselves as well as each other.
One point brought out in the book is the dynamics of the relationship of trust. Trust, cost and speed are all interrelated. If trust is high, costs are low and speed is fast; while, if trust is low, costs are high and speed is slow.
Again, the dynamic refers to the business world and global economy, but I have observed the dynamics of this relationship within the infrastructure if my high school team. Trust, when it was low, like at the beginning of the season….. Cost us a lot– practice time, etc….. And we were slow to perform in any capacity. As the athletes are 'buying into my coaching philosophy and seeing personal improvement, trust is higher, and so our costs are low– practice is more efficient, drama is minimal, as well as those other time consuming things– and the speed is high….. The girls are swimming faster and producing more.
Throughout the book trust is discussed as an issue in relationships…..employer/employee, business/consumer, family, as well as personal trust, I like the way ideas and guidelines to evaluate and improve trust are started with building self-trust. When one trusts him/herself, the ability to build trust from others is higher.
I am striving to build and maintain high trust relationships. To do the right thing, even when no one is looking.


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