Stepping into 2013

I spent the past week enjoying some time visiting my mom and in turn reflecting on the past year, as I prepared for the next. While I do not necessarily believe the new year washes away the choices or results of the past, I believe that times of reflection are imperative in teaching and learning.


I needed the time of reflection. I needed some time to grieve. The past year did not bring the bring the successful results to dreams I had been pursuing, and in some situations I needed to separate myself from the situation and completely turn my back and walk away. This was true in both professional and personal aspects of my life. While the choices were not necessarily my first choice, I have no regrets with the path I am now traveling.

I am thrilled to be coaching sports again (field hockey and swimming), and being more involved in the world of running and triathlon. I am privileged to be part of several networks in which I am supported, challenged, and in which I can further my growth as a coach and mentor

I stopped making resolutions many years ago, when I realized that these were feel-good solutions to a bigger problem. Instead, I make goals and create plans. Similar to the programming I write for my athletes, I challenge myself with means to achieve the goals set before me.


And I choose a word that will encompass the objective of the year. This word becomes what I aspire to achieve; it represents me and how I will live and work through the year.


The word of the year is: Soar.


Eagles soar. Eagles are majestic. Eagles soar.


Something fascinating about eagles is that they will not fly unless the baby is pushed out of the nest. yes, you read that correctly, THE EAGLE MUST BE PUSHED FROM THE NEST. And so the thrill of soaring is closely associated with the fear of falling. And in this PUSH, this majestic bird is able to soar.


I am striving to soar in 2013.


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