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The Speed of Trust

I have been audio-'reading' the book, The Speed of Trust, by Steven Covey. This book while designed for the business world, has some valuable insights into developing trust in relationships. I have been learning and utilizing tools to develop trust … Continue reading

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Forever Young

How does one stay young? I think some of it is attitude toward life.   John Wooden stated that, '……I wants to operate to the best of my abilities. I will continue to do the best I can do with … Continue reading

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86,400 Seconds

So be careful how you live, not as fools but as those who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity for doing good in these evil days. — Ephesians 5: 15-16 There are 86,400 seconds in a day. We … Continue reading

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As our world becomes more and more technology driven, athletes are able to get instant results on performance. Whether it is GPS, photography, computer movement analysis, various applications for video, stats and computer generated predictions, athletes and coaches have a … Continue reading

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Practice Perfect Quote

The enemies of practice are pride and fear and self-satisfaction. To practice requires humility. It forces us to admit that we don't know everything. It forces us to submit to feedback from people who can teach us. But surely practice … Continue reading

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Stepping into 2013

I spent the past week enjoying some time visiting my mom and in turn reflecting on the past year, as I prepared for the next. While I do not necessarily believe the new year washes away the choices or results … Continue reading

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