Houston Kids Triathlon


The weekend of 21 & 22 May brought some excitement.   

The kids I was able to coach completed a triathlon.   For many, it was their first.  Congrats to them!   

Here are some pictures from the event:  



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Learning something New

One of my newest and youngest clients is a younger sibling of two kids I coach.   J wants to participate in tri….. and as the youngest, wants to better his brother and sister.    I wamted to share this clip, because he is learning to do a flipping turtle, amd is laughing in the process.  



It is a reminder that training, while challenging needs to be fun.  


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A seemingly quiet morning quickly turned into organized and loud chaos!  Saturday morning, I participated in my first GOTR 5K. 



 And what a treat it was…….. this 5K was unlike any other I have participated in.  This event was a celebration of the journey the girls had taken in empowering themselves to learn about themselves and relationships and to train for a 5K.  

And we had a party!!! Running through downtown Houston, we celebrated.   Wearing capes and tutus with glitter in our hair, we stomped and sang and ran.  We cheered for each other as we ran!   This could not be compared to any other race I have done.  

It was amazing!  

And while I may not be able to coach a team next season, I have committed to serving and supporting this program in the future.  Whether I serve as an adelaide, or partner as a sole mate, I will continue to support GOTR


Can’t wait until Fall?  GOTR Houston is running CAMP GOTR.  Registration is open.   



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Happy Easter!


He is not here!  The tomb is empty!  He has Risen!  


Happy Easter!  


Without Christ, we would not have many of the Holidays we celebrate.  

Without Christ, we would not be able to have communion with God.  

He has Risen!  He has Risen Indeed!  

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TriKids Training


TriKids Training in conjunction with the Houston Kids Triathlon is now at its half-way mark.   

I am thrilled for the rest this weekend as we have time-off for Easter.  Upon return next week, there are four weeks before race day! 

We are beginning the countdown with practice turning to transitions and a mock-tri the week before the race.  


As I am overseeing the practices with my team of coaches at the Weekley YMCA, I have some insights to share as parents are preparing through the final weeks, and looking ahead to other races.   


 – BE Certain your child can swim.  Many of the kids come to trainings at the YMCA not being able to swim, or maybe being able to swim a little bit.  We do provide swim lessons outside of TriTraining, and help kids be race ready BUT they need to have the ability to swim before they consider competing.   One hundred meters is the swim distance for the Junior division at Houston Kids Triathlon. If your child can only swim 50feet, it is not going to be a pleasant experience.   I think it might be more traumatic for a child to be pulled from the race because he cannot complete the swim, than waiting until next year to compete when they can swim 100yards.  


-Biking without training wheels.  In the same thought process as knowing how to swim, your child needs to compete without training wheels.  We have had several children arrive who are still learning to ride a bike.  In the Junior division, the bike segment is 3 miles long.   That is a long way to go if one does not know how to ride.  


-Your child needs to become independent.   It is challenging to encourage you the parents to empower your child to try on her own.  To learn how to dry off and put shoes on after swimming.   And yet, your children manage to figure it out.  The reality is the athlete has to do this for herself.  On race day, only the athlete is allowed in transition.   Trust that your coaches are teaching your children to be independent by extending the empowerment to practice.   In allowing your child to practice, she will learn the easiest ways to transitionand excel on race day.  

-We meet once a week for seven weeks for an hour.  The majority of training is up to you and your child.  Training plan/guides were provided.   If you are not working with your child by biking, running and swimming, you are not helping in the goal achievement.   Completing this race can be fun if your child is prepared for it.   

-Understand that TRIATHLON is not an easy sport for spectators.  You will not be able to see your child do every part of the race.  Unlike basketball or soccer, the race is on a course in which you cannot see the entire route from one location.   Some races prevent spectators from being at certain locations, or insist that you remain at a certain location until all the athletes have passed.  Choose your locations wisely.   A great place to see your child is in transition.   Or at the finish line.  This creates a great opportunity for your child to share what you could not see.  


-Have a preset plan after the race to make it easy for your child to find you.  Choose a location.  Wear fun t-shirts.  Carry baloons.   There will be many people at the race.   Make it simple for your child to find you.  


The purpose of the HKT is to not only expose kids to a new sport, but to create movement in the quest to defeat childhood obesity.   Get your child involved safely by ensuring he can perform skill sets before registering for the race.  Then your coaches can train your child to have the best race ever.  


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Crazy Little Ideas in My Head……


As I was having a conversation after cycling class this morning about triathlon, a crazy little idea came running through my head………

Brace yourselves!  


My idea is to train for a half-iron or 70.3miles from the perspective of a non-tri and share with you the good, bad and ugly of racing and prep.  I will talk to many different, experienced and less-experienced individuals about training for their first (or next race).   I want you to understand the passion for triathlon and racing.   


Save the Date:   We are headed to either British Columbia or Hawaii in June 2018.  (I have not yet decided where I want to compete. Ideally, it would have been StCroix, BUT the last running of the race is next month).  

Will you join me?   This can be an awesome destination race!  And I am inviting you to take this journey with me.   


Please reach out for more details.   

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The Time Crunched Cyclist


I recently spent an evening listening to Chris Carmichael, Olympic cycling coach, owner of CTS, and author of The Time-Crunched Cyclist, at Bike Barn in Houston.  He has recently published a new edition of the book, and it was interesting to hear his approach to training for those individuals who have around six hours to train per week.   


The Time-Crunched cyclist has about six (6) hours available per week to train.   With the time restraint,  programming is designed to maximize the time available.  Using of variety of training principles, his recommendations include more interval work to improve overall VO2 (volume of oxygen consumption — or how efficiently the body is able to deliver oxygen to the cells and process it).  Perhaps, instead of using long, inevitably slow, rides to train for that century, perform one long ride a week, and then use different intervals with varying recovery to improve VO2 and Lactate Threshold.  The weekly long ride can be used to build comfort in the saddle.  



I found it interesting in the Q & A segment of the evening, Carmichael stated that heart rate is a product of work and can be elevated or depressed for a variety of reasons.  Using it a the sole means of determining a training sessions, or basing a training session completely around is limiting.   And yet, many of us rely heavily on the gadget or heart rate to determine the workload.    









I enjoyed this evening, and thankful to the hosts that promoted it.   Bike Barn hosts a variety of events.  If you are local to Houston, you may want to check their upcoming events.  



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Altitude Camp with Brooks Running

Many of you know that I am serving this year as a Run Influencer for Brooks Running.  The company invited a group of coaches, runners, media representatives and bloggers to join their BeastTeam (middle and longer distance elites) to participate in Altitude Training Camp or #CampBrooks, in Albuquerque, NM.   So, I packed a bag and headed to Albuquerque last weekend.  

Our itinerary included a track workout, organized by their elite coach Danny Mackey, a trail run, food, lots of swag, a group chat with their nutritionist, their physiologist,  discussions with their product line-managers, and a barbecue at the BeastHouse.   

We interacted with their elites.  And despite their talent, they have much of the same troubles as we do.  

I am thoroughly impressed with Brooks as a company and thrilled to be part of their team.   


Here is a photo review of my weekend. 










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If not now, when?


This afternoon I was guarding Missouri Swimming, as they were practicing.   The swimmers were discussing the pending set and the coach said to one swimmer: 


If not now, when? 

I love that!   I considered my personal journey as well as those I coach — how many excuses have we permitted to hinder performance, to delay our desire to chase certain goals?   I know I am guilty.   


In that, I am encouraging you to do what is necessary to make your dreams a reality.   To set goals that make you JUMP OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING!  

If you struggle with how to do that, reach out.  Employ the knowledge and skill of a coach.   Get the direction and guidance needed to help you chase down your goals.   I am here to help you.  

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Welcoming 2017!


This past week, I was gifted a week of unpaid vacation.   And I thoroughly enjoyed doing lots of nothing, to get up and do some more.   I have spent my first Christmas and New Year’s in Houston, and have been preparing for the upcoming season and upcoming year.   In the last several months, I have been reflecting not only on 2016, but my coaching skills, goals and desires.  I am learning from my mistakes and continue to strive to build relationships.    I am not completely certain where 2017 will take me but I am OPEN to the adventure.  

The year 2016 ended with a relocate and the word of the year as OPEN.   In being open, I was catapulted across the country.   Never expecting to land in Houston, I have managed to navigate my first year here.   After choosing a word like OPEN, I was hesitant to choose a word — but instead adopt another.    My word is COMMITTED.   And in being committed to my goals, my objectives, my relationships and desire to teach in my coaching, I am learning to FLOW

A friend shared this picture:




I started this morning giving back to the community as I volunteered at a RunHouston race at the San Houston Race Park.   I can honestly say that this was the MOST fun I had volunteering recently.  I worked the finish line.  We laughed, and shared the experience with the runners.   It was absolutely thrilling to see some of the kids completing their 1K.  


In my quest, I do anticipate continuing to serve you my athletes, friends and clients.   I am looking forward to what the new year brings and look forward to sharing it with you.   

I look forward to seeing you at the finish line.  

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