Welcome to Otter Tri Team, or #TeamOtters! 

This is where kids of all athletic abilities and skill levels come together to train and compete in triathlon.

Our teams are designed to get kids involved in triathlon, while developing a healthy lifestyle.  

Team Otters offers several distinct programs:

  • Otter Pups for kids still using training wheels and scooters.
  • Youth or Junior Team — for ages 6-15, who race in Youth Distance triathlons.
  • HighSchool Team — for our HighSchool Kids, who want to be more competitive, and will race in Sprint Distance triathlons.  

Kids aged 13-15 can race on both teams, since many youth races have age group divisions up to 15years of age.   Some kids in that age range may not be ready or want to race in the Sprint Distance.   That is perfectly OK!  It is our goal to prepare your child for the distance at which he/she is ready to compete.  

We practice at a variety lf sites and locations throughout the Houston area.   For more information, Contact Coach Meg.

While Coach Meg has experience coaching elite Athletes, her intent is to share her love of triathlon with your child. She believes in FUN, skill development and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. She does not encourage specialization in triathlon at an early age, and encourages kids to participate in a variety of sports and activities. 

Triathlon should be FUN and a form of play for young athletes.