Coaching & Services Provided

Coaching for you. About you. Based on your goals, objectives and needs. I am here to be part of your team, to serve you.
A long-term plan is developed for you, specific to your goals and needs, AND you are provided weekly training protocols through or an Excel spread sheet (your choice), as well as weekly contact through phone conversations, skype, video analysis, or a cup of coffee. The guess work is gone, the program is written based on your needs with your goals in mind.  In this, I request a three month minimum for your training.   
-Distance or On-line Coaching: (run, swim, bike, tri)
This is for the athlete who is a self-starter, who may have completed a race or several, or may even be a beginner. This athlete wants a weekly or daily check-in or accountability to someone or a program to help achieve a new goal, train after an injury, or take on a new challenge.
-Blended Coaching: (run, swim, tri)
For the athlete who wants more contact/instruction than just a weekly protocol. This coaching is for the athlete who is local (Houston area). The blended coaching provides for training sessions whether private, buddy or group setting to work on various skill sets. This can include a group run, bike or swim training.
-Charity Race Coaching: (run, swim, bike, or tri)
For a group or individual who is competing for a specific race.

-Private and Semi-Private Open-water and Backyard Pool Swim Coaching:

Everyone should have the best swim possible. Through private swim training, the athlete is able to obtain the coaching necessary to improve comfort levels.  This is not learn to swim, but coaching to improve your swim 
Private, semi-private and small group (up to six at Rice University).
Contact for rates.
NEW: Women’s Swim Group: Saturday afternoon’s at 1:15pm. A 60-minute swim. Contact for more information.

-Program Consultation:
While there are many cookie-cutter programs available, I recognize that not all programs are created equally, or serve the individual. A one time consultation (up to 90 minutes) to discuss and evaluate your goals and objectives and the program you are following.
-Strength and Athletic Development: Private, Semi-private or Small Group.  Prepare for your sport, through a variety of protocols, including strength, speed and agility, and flexibility. 60 minute sessions.
– CPR and Lifeguard Training: see calendar for upcoming trainings or schedule for your work site.