At times we all feel as if training and life is out of control. We are running through the forest with our hair on fire. As your coach, I will help you create balance in your training. I strive to keep your training fun, goal-oriented, and something you continue to choose to do.  

All of my programming is centered around you. And your needs. And your goals.  It is my objective to provide you with all the tools necessary to be successful as you compete and pursue various distances of running, swimming, biking and triathlon. 

Your responsibility as an Athlete:

1. Be Committed to your Progress: This means you are prepared for your  training session, or Weekly chatter. It also means you are aware of your goals, and striving to meet those goals. You play an active role in reaching your achievements. You communicate and are aware of how training is progressing, and how you feel. It means you are accountable to yourself, and me, your coach.

2. Provide Honesty in Your Communication: Programming is written for you. It is important for you to provide as much information as possible, to ensure your programming is effective. There is no such thing as TMI in this setting.

3. Have fun. Laughter is important. I program random silly stuff, or provide the freedom for you to choose the distance and intensity. It allows you to have fun and enjoy the training process. It also gives you ownership over your training!

My responsibility as your Coach:

1. Programming is athlete-centered. Simply said, this is your program. Written for you, with your input. I have the integrity to provide you with the skills and knowledge to teach you to compete and train. Your success is my success! I will strive to be honest with you regarding your programming, and the extent of my knowledge.

2. Education: In order for me to provide the highest quality coaching, I need to continue learning. I strive to continue to read, research and participate in seminars, workshops and other resources to stay on the forefront of the field. I also strive to share what I learn with you!

3. Flexibility: Life happens. Things change. I anticipate that things will change in your programming needs and goals. We may need to move an appointment time.

I will do my best to be flexible with your needs. This is that symbiotic relationship.