GAIN 2018 — Reflections


You can only grow if you’re willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.   ~Brian Tracy




It is easy to become an island in our thought processes, as well as our social interactions, both professionally and personally.   It is not easy learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, challenging our thought processes, to step in new directions and go!  But it is doing those things that have provided me the ability to move across country and relocate to Houston, to announce I am taking my career in a new direction and leaving the ‘swim lesson’ business, and founding The Otters, a youth tri team.   And sometimes, the results are spectacular, while others an experiment in learning.  


To continue challenging myself in the aspect of coaching and athletic development, I have joined an amazing community of professionals around the globe at GAIN.   Founded and organized by Vern Gambetta, the premise of a week of coming together to learn and share ideas has evolved to what it is today, a community of professionals from different aspects of sport and performance, coming together to learn and share, to challenge our thought processes about training so we can in turn provide for the athletes we coach.  We spend the week together.  Housed at Rice University, much of the learning takes place outside the classroom.   We eat together, have organized Movement Madness (organized and structured playtime) together, as well as trips to Valhalla in the evenings.   Friendships are developed over the week, and nurtured throughout the year.  

“Attending GAIN has shifted my thought-process on not only how I train myself, 

but also how I train my athletes.”


The week’s theme was ‘Connecting the Dots’.

How do we connect the dots to train optimally to help those performing in sport to be resilient, strong, quick and steadfast? 


We need to know WHY! And GET BACK TO the BASICS! 



  The Mission ultimately is to deliver the prepared athlete to competition.   The athlete needs to fail to learn.  The athlete needs successes to learn.  The athlete needs both.   The athlete needs to make decisions during competition.  Is my training prep preparing this individual for the challenges scene during a race?  Am I teaching them physically and mentally how to manage the unexpected as well as what we anticipate seeing?   

My youth are training completely, to prepare not only to swim, bike and run, but also to play and participate in other sports and activities, like soccer, baseball, and basketball.   We jump, hop, skip, leap, and crawl, sometimes in organized fashion, others in what seems to be chaos.  We push, pull, bend, twist, jump and squat in every session.  

My adults train similarly.   We are preparing not only for a triathlon, our roles as police officers and fire fighters, but to be able to successfully complete the tasks of living.   We also jump hop, skip, leap and crawl.  We play.  We laugh.


Like GAIN, we develop relationships.  And like GAIN we laugh out loud together.   Training is FUN!  




 And in the entire process, I am defining what matters —-

What matters to my Cousin Andy who is seeking to lose weight while swimming so he can compete again, or my youth who want to have fun while competing in triathlon?    What matters in programming to keep both healthy and happy? What movements are essential to both for performance?  


What Matters to you and your program? 



















While it would be impossible to share all my insights of the week in a blog post, here some photos from the week.   If you are interested in learning more about GAIN, feel free to reach out.  











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