IronMan Texas

Brrrr!!! It is cold!  Are they really going to swim?   

You can tell I have been in Texas two-years.   I forgot about wetsuits, and chilly temps—those things that may be necessary for Spring races in the NorthEast.   

Yesterday, I hung out at the Finish Line at IronMan Texas in Galveston.  



With the tag-line, ‘See you at The Finish Line’ this means a lot to be able to work at the finish line.   The Finish embodies all the work, time and effrot  that was put into being there.   The Finish shows the determination, the guts, sometimes extreme mental challenges to were overcome during the race to arrive.   It embodies what racing is about. 

And in turn become a celebration   Tears, laughter and congratulations are shared.   


To all the competitors at yesterday’s event, Congratulations.   

For those toying with the idea of competing and yet feeling intimidated, feel free to reach out.  I can assist you in your journey. 




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