I just finsihed the book, ROAR, by Stacy T. Sims, PhD. 

The mantra of the book is Women are not little men.  Catchy, and true.   I am woman, hear me Roar!

This text explores the path of the woman and training, through various cycles of life and training — pregnancy, menopause, during mentrual cycles — how eating is influenced by the hormones in our bodies, and what we can do to flow.   They also discuss training at altitude, eating for your body type, recovery training in heat or cold, and preparing to compete in different environments.  

Overall, I loved it.  The two women who wrote the book, Selene Yeager amd Stacy Sims are both endurance athletes. The insights they share on eating, hydrating and performance is supported by both research and anecdotal evidence.  Granted, there are some things I don’t agree completely.   

I recommend this to any female who is training and competing.  



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