Water.  We play in it. We swim in it.  Clean with it.   Run away from it when raindrops are dancing on our heads.  We bathe in it. 


We drink it.    


As some of you know, I do not like the taste of Houston tap water.   It is significantly better when run through a filter.  BUT it is still not my choice when it comes to the water selction.  Normally, I buy bottled water and go from there.   (Yes, I am aware of the environment.  Yes, I am looking into a filter for my tap).  

This week, I ran out of my bottled water.  As a result on Tuesday, I did not drink enough water.   Today, my body is arguing with me.   It is interesting to me how my body has struggled recovering in training because I did not provide it with the water it needed.   And NO coffee is not water.  

I feel like a camel with the amount of water my body has been demanding the last couple of days.   I am certain that it will balance out as the supply outweighs the demand.  


How much water do I drink?   Enough.   (Usually).

But what does enough mean? 

For each of us, it is different.   Based on our activity level that day,  our mass, our environment, and the food we eat, our water needs change.  

Remember some doctor made up the magic number of 8 glasses of water per day.   We may need more we may need less.


Thirst.  Once told that when you feel thirsty, it is too late —— we know that thirst is a pretty good indicator that we need to drink.   A reason we may be told to drink before we eat, (when we think we are hungry) is hunger and thirst are both physically experienced in the throat.  That nagging in the gut may be the extreme of waiting too long to eat.  When we drink water before we eat, we also eat less, or realize that we are not truly hungry.   The body is intelligent.  It asks for what it needs.  We choose to interpret at will. 

Water.  Are you drinking enough? 




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