The Levitate

When Brooks Running announced the name of their new shoe, the Levitate, I imagined little hoverboards inside the shoes.  

How else can one ‘levitate’?  In all seriousness, I was looking forward to receiving my pair to give these a test run.   

To start:  Sebastian, my youngest cat, loves the box!  And I couldn’t help but notice how blue the shoes are.  Putting these on my feet felt like slippers with laces….. very comfortable! 

 And off I went for an ‘easy 2.5mile run’, having skipped my run yesterday.   The run was actually after a challenging cycling class that I taught, so it was not as easy as I would expect.

As I began my run, I immediately noticed the cooshy feeling.  They supported my feet but had an extra spring to them.  

They are bouncy! 

I enjoyed the run as the shoe gave me a little extra push to be able to run a solid 2.5miles.  These are definitely going to be added to my training regimen.   I foresee using these on longer runs, if I am coming off tired legs or if I need to get through a longer run in a solid form.   

Visit Brooks Running to acquire your own pair.   Remember to Run Happy!  



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