A seemingly quiet morning quickly turned into organized and loud chaos!  Saturday morning, I participated in my first GOTR 5K. 



 And what a treat it was…….. this 5K was unlike any other I have participated in.  This event was a celebration of the journey the girls had taken in empowering themselves to learn about themselves and relationships and to train for a 5K.  

And we had a party!!! Running through downtown Houston, we celebrated.   Wearing capes and tutus with glitter in our hair, we stomped and sang and ran.  We cheered for each other as we ran!   This could not be compared to any other race I have done.  

It was amazing!  

And while I may not be able to coach a team next season, I have committed to serving and supporting this program in the future.  Whether I serve as an adelaide, or partner as a sole mate, I will continue to support GOTR


Can’t wait until Fall?  GOTR Houston is running CAMP GOTR.  Registration is open.   



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