Altitude Camp with Brooks Running

Many of you know that I am serving this year as a Run Influencer for Brooks Running.  The company invited a group of coaches, runners, media representatives and bloggers to join their BeastTeam (middle and longer distance elites) to participate in Altitude Training Camp or #CampBrooks, in Albuquerque, NM.   So, I packed a bag and headed to Albuquerque last weekend.  

Our itinerary included a track workout, organized by their elite coach Danny Mackey, a trail run, food, lots of swag, a group chat with their nutritionist, their physiologist,  discussions with their product line-managers, and a barbecue at the BeastHouse.   

We interacted with their elites.  And despite their talent, they have much of the same troubles as we do.  

I am thoroughly impressed with Brooks as a company and thrilled to be part of their team.   


Here is a photo review of my weekend. 










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