Ever wonder about how real your goal is?

Be forewarned this, yes, THIS is going to get personal.  

I want to apologize.  I feel I have neglected you.  (As well as my personal blog).   My focus has been the Otter Tri Team, PINK otters and growth, that somewhere you got lost in the shuffle.   It was my intent to write twice a week…. sharing inspiration, achievements as well as interesting facts….. and being a party of one, it sometimes becomes extremely overwhelming.  And I do not know where to begin.   That said, I think of you often as I share on the FB Page, and IG Account.  And MSJ Athletics, Otter Tri Team and The Pink Otters are growing.   And I am thinking of new ways to better serve you.   In that, I welcome your ideas.  


I want to talk today about goals.   As I am approaching my 51st birthday (August 15th), I am reflecting.   This is something I tend to do each year.  Where am I now?  Where am I going?  Do I like where I am going?  And what do I need to do to change that course or direction?  Sometimes, I like the answers I come up with.  Sometimes, the answers scare me.  And sometimes, I really have no clue.  

It is easy to sit in your chair and advise.   Sometimes, the break from the every day is what I need.  But I find that my body physically hurts if I have not taken action.   My body hurts if I am sitting for too long. 


BUT have you ever come up with a goal?  

Written out the plans?  

Taken the time to invest in the goal?   

And then not acted on it??  

Instead of taking action, you sat down.  

I cannot explain this phenomena, but it has happened.   I am not certain if I am paralysed with fear, overwhelmed with the prospects of success, not diligent enough to put it all together, simply lazy, or the goals are not true to me…….perhaps, not part of my belief system, part of the me that makes me tick.  


 This quote from The Swim Coaching Bible, Volume One, resonated with me.   Are these things I am setting forth to accomplish part of my being?  Do they consume me?  Or is it OK for me to plan and not execute?   The answers to these will provide insights.  Perhaps it sounds good to others for me to be doing these things.  Perhaps, I want to be percieved differently.  Perhaps……..


Perhaps, you can relate. 


And so, I took the time to reflect and plan and determine what it is I really want to do, and what I am willing to ‘give up’ to make these things happen.   And HOW will I feel if I dont achieve or at least put in motion the effort to achieve these thigns?  Or will I see the obstacles?  



The result scares me actually.   Not because these are unattainable goals.  I can achieve these with the diligence and work necessary to make these happen.  I am not willing to walk away.   And so, I need to be willing to stretch my comfort zone.  


I need to be willing to do this for me!  

As I am preparing for the things I want to accomplish at 51, I want to encourage you to join me.  What is it you have been thinking about accomplishing?  What is it that you can taste but are not certain you can make it real?  Please share with me.   I am sharing today, to share my struggles.  While my intentions are good, I sometimes fail miserably.  

Your ambitions do not need to be triathlon related.   I want to know and encourage you. We can work together to expand our comfort zones, and challenge ourselves.  


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