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Adopting a New Attitude

Yesterday, I worked the Chevron Houston Marathon.  This morning, I am seizing the opportunity to warm-up, and enjoy some down time.  I work at the Finish Line with the Medical Team, and it is can be quite exhilarating and cold. … Continue reading

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Ever wonder about how real your goal is?

Be forewarned this, yes, THIS is going to get personal.   I want to apologize.  I feel I have neglected you.  (As well as my personal blog).   My focus has been the Otter Tri Team, PINK otters and growth, … Continue reading

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IronMan Texas

Brrrr!!! It is cold!  Are they really going to swim?    You can tell I have been in Texas two-years.   I forgot about wetsuits, and chilly temps—those things that may be necessary for Spring races in the NorthEast.    … Continue reading

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A seemingly quiet morning quickly turned into organized and loud chaos!  Saturday morning, I participated in my first GOTR 5K.       And what a treat it was…….. this 5K was unlike any other I have participated in.  This event … Continue reading

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If not now, when?

  This afternoon I was guarding Missouri Swimming, as they were practicing.   The swimmers were discussing the pending set and the coach said to one swimmer:    If not now, when?  I love that!   I considered my personal … Continue reading

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Coaching with Care

I have been reflecting on those things I can do better as a coach.   One thing keeps coming to mind —  I asked a senior on my field hockey team if she was OK.   Well, let me rewind … Continue reading

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Encouraging Girls and Young Women to Pursue Excellence

I coach many kids, youth and young adults.   I work with boys and girls, and have grown to enjoy working with these young ones, influencing and empowering each to pursue excellence.    Recently, I have read and heard rumors … Continue reading

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Hyponatremia— An Interview with a Survivor

Hyponatremia is defined by the Mayo Clinic as a condition that occurs when the level of sodium in your blood is abnormally low. Sodium is an electrolyte, and it helps regulate the amount of water that's in and around your … Continue reading

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Stick it out!

As Kids Tri training is winding down, final preparations and practices are this week for the Houston Kids Triathlon, that will run Saturday and Sunday 23-24 April. It is hard to believe seven-weeks ago, we embarked on a program to … Continue reading

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Are you training to race?

    After chatting with a would-be competitor the other day, I was reminded of how important it is to prepare to compete. Despite some illusions, competition is not a measure of fitness. Yes, there is a fitness component. BUT….. … Continue reading

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